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CAL instrument

CAL Science Module with (lower) and without magnetic shield (upper)
The CAL instrument utilizes commercial off the shelf (COTS) hardware and software to enable a rapid development. This ensures launch to the ISS in June 2017. In the image above CAL is shown in its quad lock configuration. On the left are the electronics components, which are cooled with liquid heat exchangers to maintain a safe operational temperature. On the right is the science module and laser assembly. Fiber-optic coupled lasers to simplify optic-mechanical design. Forced convection with fans is used to cool the lasers and science module. On the right is the science module, which is the heart of the CAL instrument. It is encased in a magnetic shield to attenuate the the magnetic field of the earth, which varies over the course of the orbit A more detailed image of the science module is shown in the lower figure. Note the 2D and 3D laser cooling stages, optical mounts, and structure.

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CAL Science Poster
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